Wednesday, September 5, 2007

We're BAAAaaack.

I'm a little leery of jinxing things, but it looks like Mike Deans (otherwise known as Chairman Mike) will be picking up the mantle as my semi-regular wargaming opponent. Current plan is we play every other week. So, the reports won't be as frequent, but some is better than none, eh?

First game is tomorrow night - we're getting Clash for a Continent on the table. Hopefully, blog entries follow along shortly.

Thanks to those that commented in the past on the blog - those comments kept me interested in restarting, and now there's a fresh perspective to boot.

Game on!


Tim said...

Glad to hear you are able to get back to regular two player gaming - I'm interested to see what Mike thinks of Clash for a Continent (I remember being underwhelmed).



HazMatt said...

Excellent news. I'm looking forward the reports.

I picked up Clash for a Continent recently, spurred by the game that Eric and I played a couple months ago over lunch.