Thursday, June 7, 2007

Yes, it's been quiet around here.

Tim and I did get a game of 1860 in before Memorial Day, but a variety of personal life issues have kept me from finishing my report on it.

It was quite a good game, though. You'll have to trust me on that until the report is posted.

There's a bigger issue with the blog, though. Tim has moved away from the Great Northwest back to Texas. It's a tad difficult to play two-player games and get differing perspectives on them when you don't have an opponent. I've put out a call for Tim's replacement, but those are big shoes to fill. More news will appear here as appropriate.

Tim and I plan to get some PBEM games under way once he's settled in. It may be a while until that happens, however, so this blog will likely be quiet for a period of time. I do have every intent to keep it running, however, with some other sucker, er, opponent providing their views on our games.

Thanks for reading, guys, and hopefully things will ramp back up here soon.


Yehuda said...

Whoops. Time to start a whole new game group!

Best of luck,

Jackson said...

We only need to see your comments.....

Eric said...

Well, Jackson, even for you to see my comments, I need an opponent!

I may have someone lined up, but it'll be a few weeks before his schedule frees up.

Yehuda: I'm in a good group (RipCityGamers) but with two young kids just can't get out for much gaming. And the group has sort of moved away from my part of town so I can't even really host.

It's quite the predicament.