Monday, October 5, 2009

Releasing the Pause Button

Yeah, it's been a bit quiet around here the last few weeks.

Mike and I are currently 2/3 through the Dirschau scenario of Gustav Adolf the Great: With God and Victorious Arms, the most-recently-published entry in the Musket & Pike Battle System designed by Ben Hull.

Things have been derailed a bit as I've had to cancel the last couple weeks – once due to illness, once due to having to work late.

We should be finishing up the game tonight, though, so I'll have thoughts in this space next week.

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Tim said...

Look forward to your thoughts on this - Randy is hot to try M&P, and this is the title we have between us, so it's likely the one we'll eventually try.

It's right up on the edge of my complexity tolerance, but might we within the zone . . . so, as I said, I'm curious what you guys think!