Sunday, May 31, 2009

The path ahead

OK, time to take stock of where we are, and my thoughts on Eric's recent post. Over the past year, or so, Eric and I have blitzed through a lot of new games. I'm actually kinda stunned that we managed to be pretty much playing a new game each week. For someone who isn't good at reading rules and learning a new game (uh, that's me, in case there was any doubt) I've found it quite hard to keep up the pace, and on more than one occasion I've had to rely far more than is reasonable on Eric to learn the rules and effectively teach me. At least I can say that when we've sat down to play the game has been (mostly) effectively prepared from a components-wise. (We've been playing at my place as it's an easier environment without young kids, and I can even leave games up for a week or two, so I've, willingly, taken on the task of providing and preparing the games.)

Over that time we've found some great games, and some not so great games. We've found games where we have different views (I really liked The Devil's Cauldron, despite the rules; Eric doesn't care for it), but mostly our tastes are the same. So now it's time to throttle back a little and revisit some of these games and take a little more time with them.

As Eric says, this means that we will spend several evenings on a single game, possibly playing it multiple times, so our rate of completed game posts will slow down. We'll be doing more ongoing session reports, and the posts will likely contain more insight into what our strategies and thought processes are, rather than on components and general feel.

I'd really like to get back to these games:

OCS - completing Sicily, and perhaps Korea
SCS - TME again, and more from this series, which I'm very fond of
Bitter End - with the revised retreat rule, this is a high priority
Conflict of Heroes - getting deeper into the scenarios, including tanks
CDGs - Shifting Sands, PoG, PuG, and more (oh, my!)
Musket & Pike - OK, we haven't played this here, but we've played a few scenarios before TSttC

And that should keep us busy for quite a while into the future, especially if we tackle a large OCS game based on one evening per week. I'm certainly very excited about our schedule. There are so many great games out there at the moment, and I want to play all of them. Now!

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